The children from the ATO area who underwent rehabilitation in Kiev and returned home
The displaced persons from Irpin became graduates of the project "Ticket to job"
The humanitarian mission, 1-4 August 2014

Directions of fund activities

Many people in Ukraine need assistance.
Thanks to your donations, we provide support to the most defenseless, the neediest.

Lawmaking activity

Development of social and charitable citizens support

Educational activities

Increase of patriotism, and healthy lifestyle, and social activism

Victims support

The solution of actual problems which arose from ATO and occupation of Crimea


Children support from single-parent and poor families, support people with disabilities, veterans

The international activity

Promotion of a positive image of Ukraine in the world

2offices of Foundation in Ukraine

10914308Uah spent
on charity
in 2015-2016

1010displaced people received assistance
in 2016

53tons of humanitarian aid
delivered to East Ukraine

150children from the ATO
area got recreation

We believe in Ukraine and are able to act for its benefit!

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